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31 July 2020

What is this blog for?

by Rachel Shu

Status: finished
Meaningfulness: forgettable

I want to use my free time more productively, to improve my thinking through writing, to show the general contours of my thinking style, and to provide writing samples for professional use.

I am interested in phenomenology (the study of conscious experience), sociology, and philosophy of science. I consider myself connected to the Bayesian rationalist project and community. Despite this connection, I highly appreciate postmodernist scholarship.

I’m currently learning statistics and economics in a self-directed manner. My knowledge as of August 2020 is very basic. At the moment, I am primarily working from CORE Econ: The Economy. I will reproduce my understanding of the content onto here, even though I do not expect it to be novel information to all of my readers.

I have some experience in filmmaking, although I do not work in the field and am not deeply acquainted with its inner workings. In 2018 and 2019, I attempted to create a documentary about the rationalist community. That venture failed, but my recollections of that experience and some of its content will resurface here.

I will also write book reviews. I expect that most of them will be short and disorganized.

I backpack, and will bring that into play when discussing meditative practices and consciousness. I read a lot about tech and politics, but will refrain from discussing those here.

tags: meta

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