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28 February 2022

Self-hosting Obsidian via Jekyll

by Rachel Shu

Status: may revise
Meaningfulness: forgettable

I’m now effectively self-hosting an obsidian journal through Jekyll. This seems pretty cool! I didn’t even have to change anything that already existed on my blog.

I’m not going to write up the instructions here, as even though it’s not hard I’m not the best explainer. Following the rule of three, I’ll write them the third time someone asks me, having taught it twice already.

What’s different about this? More of my blog is out of the way now. Previously, I was editing blog posts in VSCode. Now I can do them in Obsidian, which only shows me the files I care about.

There are some things that you lose, for example I need to git push outside of Obsidian still. I might figure these out as I go.

tags: meta

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